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Two new acquisitions

WEG increases its shareholding in Voltran, Mexico, and announced the acquisition of control of the Zest Group, in South Africa. Saiba mais


WEG inaugurates transformer plant in Mexico

On April 14th, WEG officially inaugurated its new transformer plant on a site next to its motor plant in Mexico. Saiba mais


WEG expands the production of transformers in Mexico

More than US$ 31 million were invested in this new plant which supplies the local market, the United States, Canada and Central America. Saiba mais


WEG’s Largest Exported Transformer

Weighing 241 tons, a three-phase oil transformer is the largest exported by WEG. It was specifically designed for Nokian Capacitors and i... Saiba mais


WEG Announces New Plant in India

WEG, global provider of efficient solutions with electric machines, has today (26 May) announced plans for expansion into India, with the... Saiba mais


WEG subsidiary in Russia

Intended to commercialize and provide service to products and systems in the Russian market and former CIS countries, the new branch cons... Saiba mais

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