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WEG set up major service center for large electric motors and generators in Brazil

The former WEG factory located in São Paulo was turned into a service center for large rotating electric machines Saiba mais


Largest Turbogenerator for Sugarcane Industry ever Produced

Operating at Delta power generation mill in Brazil, the 2 -pole machine designed by WEG generates 376,505 MWh. Saiba mais


Customized Solutions from Zest Generator Sets Resolve Challenging Standby Power Supply Issues

Power outages have become increasingly frequent with a widespread knock on impact being experienced across industry. The ability to provi... Saiba mais


WEG’s Technology is applied to Generate Biomass-Based Electricity

PIASA Group partnered with WEG in the first private energy cogeneration process designed for sugar production in Mexico. Saiba mais


Hot mission for a generator: autonomous electricity generation in the desert

Wintershall, a subsidiary of BASF, recently switched from a diesel-driven power plant to a gas turbine with a synchronous generator to su... Saiba mais


Electric Machinery Company Continues to Provide Leadership in the Turbo Generator Industry after 120 Years.

Electric Machinery Company manufactures and repairs custom motors and turbo generators specifically for the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, ... Saiba mais


Electric Machinery- WEG Group, USA Supplies Six (6) Turbo Generators to Chevron

Electric Machinery recently supplied six (6) 2-pole generators to Chevron for two of their large offshore floating platform projects whic... Saiba mais


More powerful and compact turbogenerators

WEG offers generators with the highest power capacity on the market. Saiba mais


WEG to acquire Electric Machinery unit of GE’s Converteam business

A technological leader in the development of high value added products, EM's revenues in 2011 are estimated to reach US$ 56 million. Saiba mais


WEG promotes the generation of clean energy

President of Mexico Inaugurates Cogeneration Plant with WEG Technology Saiba mais

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