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WEG Present at Pusuno Hydroelectric Project Ecuador

Following the corporate policy of offering global solutions with products and electro-electronic systems for the most varied industrial a... Conozca más


Customized Solutions from Zest Generator Sets Resolve Challenging Standby Power Supply Issues

Power outages have become increasingly frequent with a widespread knock on impact being experienced across industry. The ability to provi... Conozca más


WEG Transformers Africa Growth Continues

WEG Transformers Africa, a division of Zest WEG Manufacturing, is determined to continue growing its share in both the South African and ... Conozca más


WEG Supplies a Complete electrical Balance of Plant (eBOP) for Brazil’s Largest Wind Farm

The new wind farm will have a rated capacity of 230 MVA, and will generate enough energy to supply 400,000 homes, equivalent to a city wi... Conozca más


WEG’s Technology is applied to Generate Biomass-Based Electricity

PIASA Group partnered with WEG in the first private energy cogeneration process designed for sugar production in Mexico. Conozca más


WEG announces acquisition of Transformadores Suntec, in Colombia

This acquisition added to WEG current production platforms in Brazil, Mexico and South Africa Conozca más


WEG announces transformers business acquisition in South Africa

Second acquisition in South Africa held by WEG strengthens its position in the transformers market. Conozca más


WEG Manufactures the First 20MVA Dry-Type Transformer in Brazil

A unique project providing a total synergistic package providing a compact, safe and environmentally friendly power supply. Conozca más


Hot mission for a generator: autonomous electricity generation in the desert

Wintershall, a subsidiary of BASF, recently switched from a diesel-driven power plant to a gas turbine with a synchronous generator to su... Conozca más


WEG helps to generate hydro-electricity for Windsor Castle

Efficiency was a key target for this application as the installation has a fixed Return of Investiment period Conozca más

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