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WEG in desalination plan in Algeria

Country invests in desalination plants to reverse deficit in hydric sector and WEG is one of the suppliers of the Spanish consortium resp... Conozca más


The largest and most efficient Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive

The largest medium voltage variable frequency drive ever manufactured by WEG is on its way to the US. The equipment, 8000HP rated power, ... Conozca más


Trains for any kind of weather

ALL uses WEG coatings on its railcars and locomotives for protection against damage caused by the weather. WEG coatings offer excellent h... Conozca más


Energy Efficiency at Cargill

WEG provides solutions that assure productivity and energy savings in the food production process from the first stages of the chain. Conozca más


WEG Solutions ensure more efficiency for the textile industry

By replacing the standard equipment for the Wmagnet line, Teka gains more productivity and still saves energy Conozca más


Pompéo Tricycle breaks paradigms with new concept vehicle

The vehicle comes as a new concept in transportation. With WEG electric traction, its most attractive feature is economy and versatility.... Conozca más


Motors for Energy Saving

WEG Roller Table motors assure reliability and energy saving to the rolling mill plant of Gerdau in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazi... Conozca más


WEG produces transformers for Itaipu using final test unheard of worldwide

For the first time a Brazilian company supplies power transformers to Itaipu Binacional Hidrelétrica.These were the first machines in the... Conozca más


Urban transport with electric buses

WEG supplies the traction motor for the trolleybus, the bus driven by electrical power. The environment and travel comfort are guaranteed... Conozca más


Exchanging motors reduces production cost at Buettner by 33%

With the exchange of standard equipment for the modern WMagnet line, Buettner gains more productivity and even saves on power consumption... Conozca más

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