Farming and agricultural applications are requiring advanced equipment designed and built to handle the demands of continuous duty operations with frequent starts and stops, which is known to put added pressure on motors to run reliably. This is why WEG motors have been designed to perform in the high-torque, heavy-duty environment that farm applications demand. The longevity of farms relies on its people and equipment being dependable to meet the needs of the modern agricultural industry.


A Real Life Example of a Severe Duty Motor in a Farm Application

A distributor of grain equipment had previously used a competitor’s motor to drive their grain dryers. When they decided to switch to WEG’s W-22 series motors, they discovered immense value and have continued to upgrade to WEG products over the course of the last 18 months. They found that our cast iron severe duty three phase W-22 series were a good fit for their needs. These motors offer the needed 1.25 service factor through 100-horsepower that competitive products could not offer. The motor was more conducive for farming applications because it offered compatibility with ‘dirty power’, which is an abnormality in the power quality that is being delivered to a system. These abnormalities can include low power factor, voltage variations, frequency variations, and surges. The WEG motors are engineered to accommodate these types of issues, which can occur in farming and agricultural applications. 


The W-22 Takes on Voltage Imbalance

Voltage imbalance happens because farms count on power delivered from the utility companies in many different phases, and they have been dealing with this for a long time. For example, in an ideal setting, each leg would be 10 amps. The utility may deliver one phase at 9.3 amps, another at 11.7 amps, and another exactly at 10 amps. This varying current presents a challenge to farmers, and they need motors that can operate efficiently without going down. 

WEG’s motor construction is a better match for the severe duty required versus a general duty motor. As farms have expanded into larger spaces - some up to 5000 acres - they are switching to severe duty motors because more voltage is required and a three phase motor helps lower costs. Severe duty motors also offer better insulation for higher ambient operation temperature. It isn’t unusual for motors to operate when it’s 100 degrees outside and when it can run cooler, it runs longer. The insulation on the W-22 offers variable speed drive to get a 20 to 1 speed range.

Previously used standard duty motors just don’t make sense in the farming industry any more. WEG recommends severe duty motors that have the ability to work in these tough conditions. Using WEG products gives farm owners the reliable equipment they need to operate without unplanned down-time.

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