WEG is supplying all the electrical generators and the vast majority of the electric motors and frequency inverters for three platforms installed in the Búzios Field, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the largest deep-water field in the world.

The scope includes 24 main, emergency, and auxiliary generators, around 120 medium voltage motors with power ratings up to 14 MW, 39 medium voltage frequency inverters, and more than 300 low voltage motors, which will be used in the three projects. The supplies together exceed R$ 360 million in revenue for WEG. Approximately 70% of the equipment has already been delivered, and the remaining 30% will be delivered in the coming months.

Located in the Santos Basin, the Búzios Field holds the largest volume of oil and gas in deep waters worldwide. According to Elder Stringari, WEG's International Corporate Director, the predominant presence of WEG products on these platforms attests not only to the quality and reliability of the equipment but also to the company's ability to offer internationally competitive products with a high local content index.

"These supplies reaffirm WEG's commitment to providing complete and integrated solutions for the oil and gas industry, promoting efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Additionally, it highlights WEG's global expertise in meeting the specific demands of each market, managing complex projects that simultaneously involve clients and partners distributed across multiple countries such as Brazil, Singapore, China, India, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates," explains the executive.

WEG is supplying the equipment for the three platforms through an extensive network of clients, engineering companies, and manufacturers of compressors and pumps in various countries. This global network benefits from WEG's service structure, strategically positioned worldwide, ensuring efficiency, competitiveness, and rapid assistance through 1,250 service points distributed across five continents.