Recognized for its productive flexibility that allows offering reliable and efficient solutions to the market in various applications, WEG strengthens its presence in the oil and gas segment with a new supply for gas transportation application to Transportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolívia-Brasil S/A (TBG).

TBG is a logistics solutions company that connects natural gas supply to markets and has an extensive pipeline that spans 2,593 km in national territory of Brazil and is responsible for transporting natural gas from Bolivia to five Brazilian states. With this, TBG ensures the delivery of natural gas at 50 points distributed along the pipeline.

To ensure that the gas pressure is in ideal conditions for transportation, TBG company has 15 compression stations along four Brazilian states. One of them, Ribas do Rio Pardo, located in Mato Grosso do Sul state it acquired a WEG alternator, G Line 1,000 kVA, 480 V, 60 Hz to assist in its own electricity generation station, powered by natural gas generator sets, which the gas compression system depends on the alternator, making it the highly critical equipment for the operation of ECOMP.

In addition, the WEG alternator was specifically dedicated to customer needs and produced with interchangeability criteria, making it possible to replace an alternator from another motor-generator group, as well as ensuring that maintenance (corrective, preventive, and predictive) can be carried out without affecting the station's operation. The alignment and good relationship between WEG and TBG, during the design, manufacturing, and machine installation stages, were crucial for the successful completion of the supply. TBG was promptly assisted with technical questions, both in meetings during factory assembly and in the field during installation and commissioning, and highlighted the treatment of resolving doubts, always with cordiality, efficiency, and speed throughout the process.

With the acquisition of WEG's G line, TBG will have an efficient and highly reliable equipment, characteristic of this model, which anticipates concepts of performance and safety in continuous regime applications, peak energy consumption periods, and emergency situations.

In addition to the alternator provided for the Ribas do Rio Pardo ECOMP, TBG also has a WEG GPF500 alternator at the Paulínia/SP compression station, reinforcing WEG's presence in the oil and gas market.

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