Already known in the market for its high performance, the WQuattro line, manufactured by WEG, has just been certified by the Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen University, in Belgium. Tests performed on a 4kW motor, 4 poles and frame 112M, confirmed the efficiency level of 91.2%, complying with category IE4 – the highest efficiency standard for motors certified by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

The line of motors WQuattro was developed for applications where energy saving is a priority. It is an ecologically correct motor which, due to its Super Premium Performance, requires far less power from the supply. Its performance levels are the highest in the market and that is translated into a fast return of the investment with reduction of energy expenses and emission of CO² to the environment.

Among other benefits of WQuattro, we can mention: interchangeability with regular induction motors (same power x frame ratio), longer useful life hence a reduction of downtime for maintenance, and easy speed synchronization with multiple motors activated by the same inverter. Furthermore, the line requires neither the use of sensors/encoders in applications with frequency inverters, nor the use of special protection with special overload relays.

With the same frame size of a conventional induction motor, the users can dramatically increase the efficiency of their applications by simply replacing the motor with a WQuattro. The line of motors WQuattro has a power range from 0,75 to 11 Kw (1 to 15HP) IEC frames 80 to 132 M/L (NEMA 143/5T up to 213/5T). It is a hybrid motor with conventional wound rotor, equipped with high-power permanent magnets (NdFeB) which enable direct start from the supply. For applications which require speed variation, it may be used with frequency inverters of scalar control. WQuattro is included in the new WEG motor platform – W22.