Image: W60 motor ready to be shipped

In order to renew the driving systems of water reinjection pumps in Ecuador, 12 medium voltage motors of the W60 line, with 1000 HP (750 kW) each, were chosen to run in one of the main Ecuadorian pumping service providers for the oil and gas industry. The motors, weighing almost 4 tons each, were manufactured in the city of Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina state, in the WEG’s main manufacturing plant. 

High performance and reliability for the oil and gas industries

WEG's W60 electric motor line offers a wide range of power, from 500 HP to 21500 HP (373 kW to 16000 kW), and was designed for industrial applications, especially for use in compressors, pumps and fans. Characterized by high performance and reliability, even in the most severe operating conditions, it has become a favorite solution for the oil and gas exploration and production industries worldwide. These characteristics provide a competitive solution, responding to   market demand for innovative and efficient equipment to support the supply in countries like Ecuador. 

This motor is also available for hazardous areas:

  • Ex ec IIC T3 or T4 Gc;

  • Ex tc IIIB T125°C or T160°C Dc;

  • Ex tb IIIC T125°C or T160°C Db;

  • Class I Div. 2, Group A, B, C and D, Class T3/T3C/T3B

  • Class II Div. 2, Group F and G, Class T3C / T3B


W60: an easy-to-assemble, easy-to-install motor

Due to its high power density (kW/kg), combining robustness and modularity, the W60 requires less installation space in comparison to other solutions available on the market. This characteristic is the result of a modern internal ventilation system (axial-radial) combined with the modularity of the external system, which offers open motors or closed motors with air-air or air-water heat exchangers. This technology also guarantees lower bearing temperatures, in addition to low noise levels.

Developed using structural, electromagnetic, thermal and aeroacoustic optimization and calculation software applications, validated through prototypes in real operating conditions, the W60 motor line has a solid structure that allows operation under the severest conditions and is able to high-impact and high-speed applications with low noise levels.

The W60 Line was also designed to be customized for special projects with options such as speed variation, protection and measurement systems, among others.

WEG: Much more efficiency, quality and economy for your industry

WEG, recognized for its commitment to energy efficiency solutions for industrial applications, offers the market a wide range of high performance products, contributing with innovation and technology to industrial processes worldwide, building solid relationships with large companies from different countries. 

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