Test benches for wind turbine technology play an important role in simulating wind loads comparable to real operating conditions, making it possible to evaluate the performance, efficiency and reliability of the equipment under test. This test bench is composed of a structure that houses the wind turbine, measurement and control equipment, in addition to the motors that are responsible to drive the load reproducing the wind forces.

WEG will supply two Master line motors (30,614 kW, 6 poles, 6,600 V), providing 300 kN.m of torque each for the largest and most powerful powertrain and gearbox test bench in the world. The test rig was developed by R&D Test Systems, an engineering company specialized in the development of innovative test system solutions. For this application, the motors will be responsible for contributing to the simulation of the effect of 30 years of wind conditions in just a few months.

The test rig will be capable of testing two powertrains or two gearboxes simultaneously. WEG motors will be positioned at each end of the nacelle components under test, with an additional load unit located between them that simulates external wind loads, as well as the effect of wind coming from different directions.

The two motors from WEG will be delivered by the end of 2023, and the first complete powertrains will leave ZF Wind Power in 2024.

By supplying these motors for test benches on wind turbine technology platforms, WEG contributes to the progress of the wind industry, helping to drive innovation and the development of efficient and sustainable solutions.