Try joining state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing equipment for the casting industry – which provides a blend of more quality with more efficiency – with a high performance motor. “The result is the highest efficiency in the market”, evaluates Enrique González, Director of Mecaltec who brought to Brazil the know-how from Fondarc Technologies, a company based in France, using mixers and mixer/coolers for casting sands.

Mecaltec installed WEG Wmagnet motors in this equipment with a reduced operational cost, higher efficiency and an economic life about four times longer than the market average. A pioneer partnership in the sector.

At the origin of the parts made by the casting industry, the mixers are of extreme importance. This equipment joins sand, additives and water according to specific formulations for each product. In this process, one of the fundamental points is a blend of quality and for this to happen it is essential for the mixture to have the necessary characteristics of resistance and moldability besides the appropriate temperature. With the mixer/coolers it is possible to automatically perform the accurate control of temperature and, with Wmagnet motors, the exact control of speed in the different phases of the process. The result is the ideal blend for any type of casting (steel, iron, aluminum or bronze), with less waste, less reworking of parts and also savings in energy consumption.

The motors are a fundamental part in this process. In practice, considering the number of hours of work of the motors and the cost of kWh, the higher the efficiency of the motors, the faster the return for the customer. On the Wmagnet, the presence of permanent magnets reduces the losses allowing the motor to work with less temperature and with higher efficiency levels.

Another important benefit which the Wmagnet line offers is the possibility to keep the same torque on a smaller frame. There may, however, be cases in which there is a reduction of two frame sizes for a same power. This is due, mainly, to the reduction of the temperature of the motors.