The largest medium voltage variable frequency drive ever manufactured by WEG is on its way to the US. The 8000HP MVW-01 950A, will command a 7500HP WEG motor of the mud drilling pumps testing laboratory of Weir Pumps, located in Dallas, Texas.

“This is the largest medium voltage VFD ever manufactured by WEG. Our line that to this moment ended in 4000HP doubled to 8000 HP. The 99% efficiency and 22 year MTBF make this an outstanding product. It’s the highest efficiency and the most reliable in the world for medium voltage VFDs”, explains Joable Andrade Alves who worked in the development of this product and today is part of the International Application team.

“It’s important to point out that 99% of efficiency is an average 1% more efficiency than in the other medium voltage VFDs on the market and this can mean an economy of up to US$ 50,000,00 per year”, says Charles Schuh, Product Manager at the WEG branch in the US.

With the development of the new MVW-01 to 8000HP, WEG becomes also the only Brazilian company capable of producing and testing equipment with this power range. The tests, essential to assure the equipment will support the real load during operation, were never before performed due to their complexity, risk and high cost. “We have made high investments in the construction of a new laboratory and in expanding the dynamometer of the testing area. We are the only ones in Brazil to offer this kind of service”, says Joable Andrade Alves.

MVW-01VFD technology from WEG uses state-of-the-art and highly reliable components such as the HV-IGBTs which are also used on high speed trains in Europe. This technology allows the VFD to be used in the most demanding applications such as the mining, cement, shipping, iron metallurgy and petro-chemical industries.

Produced at the WEG Automation plant in Jaraguá do Sul, state of Santa Catarina, the equipment will start operation at Weir Pumps in April of 2010. The complete supply was made through Motion Industries, WEG distributor in the US.

This supply to Motion is an example of the synergy between WEG products involving the WEG Automação and WEG Maquinas teams under the supervision of Applications Engineer Nick Crouch of WISC/US - WEG Integrated Solution Center.

Description of products:

Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive
Model: MVW01 0950 T4160ESZ
Output: 4.160V; 950A; 0-46Hz
Motor 7500HP
Frame 10408
4 poles
Rotation: 1371 rpm
892 Amperes