At mining companies, managers can increase control over the extraction processes and processing of ore through technological developments. However these have to provide the best in operational and energy efficiency and offer best practice facilities in terms of preventive maintenance: especially so in the case of drives for large motors. These are vital for mining machinery, such as mills, pipeline pumps, conveyors and ancillary machinery. As such, their continuous reliable operation is paramount, posing a major challenge to manufacturers of such drives, both to optimise the performance of their products, and to ensure that, in the event of problems, drives are covered by comprehensive warranties.

In 2004, WEG launched the MVW01 medium voltage frequency inverter. The success of this unit has resulted in its wide application, allowing technicians and engineers from heavy industries to benefit from a simpler and safer controller for medium voltage drives. Based on leading-edge technology, which dramatically reduces the chances of break-downs and accidents, the MVW01 has come to be regarded as a reference of accuracy, robustness and ease of handling.

The MVW01 is fully featured and meets all global standards, consolidating its first choice selection for the control and protection of induction motors in heavy applications. The drive is an exact synergy of hardware and software technology, providing excellent performance to driven loads regardless of their nature.

In the same way as low voltage inverters, the MVW1 is user-friendly and has a simple design. The power circuit of the inverter consists basically of diodes, plastic film capacitors and 6.5 KV state-of-the-art IGBTs, which form a multi-level structure.

This design is very important when considering a device of this size, because it minimises the number of electrical connections on the power circuit, reducing electrical losses and the possibility of failure.