With high power and performance levels combined with high load capacity, the Vertical High Thrust is a motor able to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the API (American Petroleum Institute). With a solid or hollow shaft, non-reversing ratchet option, optimized heat transfer system, lower vibration and higher thrust capacity, it is a solution that carries all WEG quality and reliability.

Vertical and compact to optimize the plant space

The Vertical High Thrust is an innovative product that has two patented solutions in the lubrication system. Its advantage is a modular oil tank, with a design and heat exchange system that makes the operation more convenient, helps reduce the temperature and extends the life of the bearing, improving the performance and service life of the motor. All that aims at optimizing space in the plant with its vertical installation, in addition to simplifying and reducing the need for constant maintenance.

Available in low and medium voltage and with an output of up to 1,500 cv, this line has an exclusive system that guarantees high thrust capacity for vertical applications.

Strong and versatile, its features make it ideal for applications in the Oil and Gas, Water and Sanitation industries. The best combination of durability, efficiency and space optimization, in addition to WEG quality, assistance and support that the whole world recognizes.

Vertical High Thrust. Performance taken to the maximum efficiency.

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