One year after the official announcement of its new industrial plant in Nova Mutum in the state of Mato Grosso, Bunge Alimentos prepares for the start-up of the 26 Wmagnet motors installed on the site. “"We chose the WMagnet motors because we want differentiated energetic efficiency for Nova Mutum", states Roberto Lucio Cervieri, Project Manager at Bunge.

WEG permanent magnet motors count on characteristics which will act directly in saving energy for the industry. Due to its revolutionary technology which uses permanent magnets in its conception, the motors have a high level of performance, less electric losses, lower noise levels, lower weight (average 36%) and a smaller volume (average 47%) than common motors. “The use of the Wmagnet also reflects on the increase of the economic life of both the motor and other equipment on the plant”, explains Ademar José Marcarini, Sales Manager of WEG Motores.

"Innovation is the focus at Bunge and Nova Mutum is an innovative project both in the automation and the process. With that in mind we couldn’t ignore today’s main focus worldwide which is energetic efficiency. For this reason we have chosen these motors. With a differentiated curve of performance, we gained in efficiency, less consumption of energy and more economy", completes Leandro Yamachita, responsible for the electric project of Bunge NM.

The new soybean processing plant in the town of Nova Mutum (264 Km north of Cuiabá) will have the capacity to process four thousand tons of soybean a day or around 1.2 million tons/year.

In 2009, the world production of soybean should reach 240 million tons. Brazil is the second largest world producer of soybeans and the main soybean meal exporter.