Pictured: Roberto Cortes, CEO of VWCO, Harry Schmelzer Jr., CEO of WEG, other representatives of e-Consortium member companies: Bosch, Siemens, Eletra, CATL, Meritor, Moura, Semcon

Continuing its partnership with Volkswagen Trucks and Buses to manufacture the first 100% electric delivery truck in Brazil, WEG announces that it will be one of the companies taking part in the e-Consortium, communicated officially yesterday by the Volkswagen’s CEO (VWCO), Roberto Cortes, during the opening of the National Transportation Fair (Fenatran), in São Paulo/SP.

The e-Consortium is an unprecedented business model in Brazil that will create an entire ecosystem focused on electrical mobility, bringing together and integrating partner suppliers under VWCO coordination. They will share the responsibility for the respective value chain, especially the assembly of electric trucks within the company's complex in the city of Resende/RJ, in addition to offering the customers charging alternatives. The initiative involves the mass production of the e-Delivery, Brazil's first 100% electric delivery truck.

WEG, in addition to being part of the e-Consortium, will be responsible for supplying the Powertrain system — an electric traction motor plus a frequency inverter — for the VWCO e-Delivery truck family. The company will also supply electric motors and inverters for auxiliary systems.

With a long tradition of developing electric traction systems for buses, trolleybuses, trains, ships and aircrafts, in addition to electric vehicle charging systems, WEG is now advancing in the mass production of Powertrain Systems for electric urban delivery vehicles. “Our technology — developed over the years, tested and approved — will now be sold on a large scale. Besides establishing the standards in the electrical mobility market, we are definitely "part of the global scenario of the automotive industry”, explains Manfred Peter Johann, Managing Director of WEG Automation.