WEG announces a technology partnership with Randon Implementos, the largest manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers in Latin America, to manufacture electric semi-trailers in Brazil.

The agreement establishes the supply of WEG inverters and electric motors for the e-Sys system, which equips Randon Implementos semi-trailers, consisting of an Electronic Control Unit (ECU), battery, inverter and electric motor coupled to a shaft developed exclusively for this purpose. This system is managed by an intelligent algorithm specially designed to evaluate the operating conditions and use, allowing the implement to relieve the stress on the tractor unit in certain situations, such as at starts and slopes, resulting in fuel savings. During braking and deceleration, the motor starts working as a generator and, through the regenerative inverter, the batteries are automatically recharged. Thus, the tractor/semi-trailer assembly gains efficiency and greater flexibility, with less wear and tear of the braking set and lower fuel consumption, in addition to contributing to the reduction of pollutant emissions.

This partnership is another important step for WEG to expand our portfolio in the area of electrical mobility. To create products to increase the operational efficiency of road cargo transportation, to make more solutions that help the planet's sustainability available in the market, is fully aligned with our strategic planning", explains Manfred Peter Johann, Managing Director of WEG Automation.