To meet the needs of the mining segment, known for its severe environment, which requires equipment capable of withstanding extreme operating conditions, WEG provides solutions that allow the plant to install flexible, safe and reliable, with operational stability and higher levels of production.

With a consolidated business strategy as an important player in the segment, WEG continues to reinforce its expertise in the various countries in which it serves, such as Chile, which is among the largest ore producers in the world, where the company also stands out in terms of establish lasting partnerships with large mining companies.

This time, WEG was selected to supply the Master line three-phase induction motors, in order to maintain reliability in the copper ore transport operation in a company that already has other WEG motors of the same line installed. The scope comprises four 630 kW, 6,600 V motors that provide to costumer a more efficient operation and reduced plant maintenance downtime.

The Master line motors stand out for the flexibility of their electrical and mechanical design. They are versatile motors that allow different configurations, being able to be installed in severe environments, which demand high resistance and durability, adapting to different applications. They offer ease to implement changes in your designs, in order to make them interchangeable with existing motors, reducing operating costs resulting from motor replacement downtime.

By providing reliability to its customers, WEG also strengthens its position as an important manufacturer of complex high-power equipment for heavy-duty applications.