CBMM, a world leader in the production and sale of niobium products, contributed to WEG in an innovative project aimed at using nanocrystalline material in axial flux electric motors. In this project, the nanocrystalline material, which has Niobium in its composition, was used as constituent material of the motor magnetic core.

Niobium is a transition metal capable of transforming the properties of other materials, which considerably expands its range of applications. It has high thermal and electrical conductivity, malleability, high resistance to heat and mechanical wear, and it is widely used in the electronics industry.

Better performance and efficiency

Despite the manipulation challenges arising from its physical properties, the use of nanocrystalline material containing Niobium allowed a significant reduction of the motor magnetic losses at high frequency, being extremely beneficial for high-efficiency motors.

In the experimental validation tests conducted at WEG, the nanocrystalline material with Niobium provided a significant reduction of 53% in the motor total losses, increasing its efficiency level by significant 6.7 percentage points in comparison to the same project based on silicon steel, which is the material traditionally used in the manufacture of electric motors.This gain led to a considerable reduction in the operating temperature and consequent increase in the power density of the motor.

Axial flux motor

For reasons intrinsic to their constructive topology, axial flux motors have a compact design, high power density and high performance, perfectly suitable for more sustainable products, as they demand less resources to be manufactured and reduce energy consumption due to their high operational efficiency.

WEG, in addition to investing in new products with advanced technology, is always looking for innovative and efficient solutions to contribute to the future, today.

About CBMM

World leader in the production and sale of niobium products, CBMM has more than 500 customers in 50 countries. Headquartered in Brazil, with offices and subsidiaries in China, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States, the company provides cutting-edge products and technology to the infrastructure, mobility, aerospace, healthcare and energy industries. To support its growth plans through diversification, the company has a New Business front focused on accelerating the entry of niobium technology into the global market. Over the past four years, CBMM has made strategic investments in companies such as Echion and Battery Streak, aiming at new developments of materials with Niobium for lithium-ion batteries. Since its foundation, CBMM has developed projects in Brazil and in several countries around the world to encourage the adoption of Niobium technology by different industries. For further information, visit: Website: Niobium.tech