Eldorado Brasil is building the largest wood pulp factory in a single line of the world.

WEG supplied an electric system with over two thousand products and commissioning, startup and technical support services to the first wood pulp factory of Eldorado, in the town of Três Lagoas (Mato Grosso do Sul State). This business unit is already known as the largest of the world in a single line. Eldorado Brasil Celulose SA will be able to produce 1.5 million ton of whitened wood pulp a year and is expected to contribute to 20% of the total Brazilian exports of wood pulp. The focus is to fulfill the demand of the North American, European and Asian paper manufacturers.

The factory was designed based on the concept of “Best Available Technology”, so as to exceed all the international market requirements, seeing that the plant will be self-sufficient in terms of electric power produced from biomass. The delivery of WEG products began in November 2011 and was concluded in July of this year by road transportation. “We supplied equipment which provides the system with high availability and reliability”, points out WEG Contract coordinator, Sergio Davilla.

The products supplied by WEG are: one substation, 800 motors of the W22, HGF and MGF series 4160V; 66 dry-type transformers IP 23 and 4 oil transformers (01×110 MVA and 1×55 MVA with commutation under load and 02×140MVA with commutation with no load); 800 smart columns MCC 690V CCM03i with smart relays; 54 columns MCC MT 4160V MTW03; 280 inverters 690 V – CFW11; 78 modular inverters 690V CFW11M and 10 inverters 4160V – MVW01. WEG is supplying the service for the monitoring of receipt and storage, commissioning, startup and assisted operation of the equipment.

About Eldorado
Eldorado Brasil Celulose SA is a Brazilian company which is building the largest wood pulp factory in single line of the world with an investment estimated in R$ 6.2 billion.