Synchronous condensers are applied to improve the quality and availability of electrical energy in transmission and distribution networks. They play an essential role in providing or absorbing reactive power dynamically and smoothly, without the need for frequent switching, while increasing network short circuit strength and synchronous inertia.

WEG is supplying another synchronous condenser system to a utility in the United States. The end user selected WEG to supply a complete, turnkey system solution which includes a robust synchronous condenser designed to meet the exact demands of the regional transmission network; the interconnecting power transformer; the complete control and protection system; mechanical and electrical construction services; civil and structural design services; and the building to house the system, in addition to commissioning, start-up, and operator training services. WEG's system will be used to reinforce the electric power network, helping to ensure stable grid operations as more inverter-based renewable power generation is connected to the grid.

WEG uses state-of-the-art design and tooling to provide synchronous condensers to solve a variety of power system challenges, which deliver a wide range of performance characteristics to better support grid operators, electric utilities and end users facing stability challenges as the power generation mix on electrical networks continues to change. This approach guarantees the complete satisfaction of companies' energy quality improvement needs, significantly contributing to the construction of a more stable and reliable electrical system.

The supply of the synchronous condenser system to the North American company represents another significant step for WEG to reinforce its presence in the market.

The project is expected to generates substantial improvement in the reliability of the electrical grid and is crucial to maintaining operations that serve industry, businesses and people in the region.