As a traditional supplier of electric motors, frequency drives, automation systems, paints and digital solutions (IOT and IA), WEG has significantly expanded its business in this sector since the company is well structured globally, in addition to participating in key wastewater and desalination projects both in Brazil and overseas. 

As far as Brazil is concerned, the increase of investments in the country resulting from the new regulations for water and wastewater bring major opportunities to the supply chain of products and services.

Contributing to the country´s water, wastewater and sewage infrastructure modernization, this year WEG has supplied hundreds of W22 IR3 Premium Efficiency electric motors to public and private sanitation companies. This has happened through the “WEG Motor Bonus” program, which is an energy efficiency project conducted in partnership with electric power utilities and ANEEL that offers a bonus up to 40% to consumers who replace their old electric motors with new ones. 

This initiative provides sanitation companies with technical updates, increased process reliability and reduced electricity consumption, resulting in the reduction of operating costs and, consequently, the cost of the service provided to the population. 

In the overseas market, WEG is preparing to deliver the latest 7000kW electric motors for the Sorek 2 project located in Israel, one of the world´s largest desalination plants by reverse osmosis process. In addition to these motors that will be driving high pressure pumps, considered one of the plant´s most critical processes, the WEG contract includes another 42 low and medium voltage electric motors.

As stated by Elder Stringari, WEG International Director, to meet highly complex project requirements such as these, not only efficiency, but also flexibility and global structure are demanded.

“We count on a unique team dealing with major international engineering companies, who also work as constructors and operators serving this market globally. In addition, our production flexibility allows us to adapt projects to meet different applications and technical specifications, in compliance with the most demanding requirements of this market”, says Elder.

The water and wastewater market segment became one of WEG's main business targets. The company estimates that the potential market for WEG solutions is in the range of 3% of the total CAPEX number of projects in this segment.