The supply of four transformers and six shunt reactors with a voltage of 500kV will be carried out in the northern region of Colombia in the second half of 2022. The equipment designed and manufactured by WEG T&D headquarters in the city of Blumenau, Brazil, is entirely customized in order to meet the application requirements. From the RFQ stage, complete manufacturing, final inspection, transport, including assembly and commissioning on the jobsite, WEG offers full service to the customer.

The equipment will arrive in the country through the port of Brisa, and will take part of one of the largest wind farms in Colombia, with a total generation capacity of 492MW. This project, reinforces WEG’s presence in the international market, contributing with solutions for the increasing demand of energy in Colombia. The country is increasingly seeking solutions aimed at sustainability, and related to renewable energy sources.

WEG has a vertical process and offers in its portfolio substations on a turn-key basis, mobile solutions, transformers and shunt reactors up to 550 kV, which are a reliable reference for quality and high performance.