The demand for information storage in Data Centers is increasing by the most diverse companies and sectors. Data Centers (also known as cloud computing) can unite thousands of servers, for the secure storage of computerized databases, auxiliary components, network assets and other information. Designed to work in data processing, in an adequate and uninterrupted way, this technology guarantees access to the system, in a reliable and secure way at any time.

Due to this, it is very important for the data centers to be located in places that provide, in addition to digital and physical security, both in relation to invasions, attacks and loss, as well as natural disasters, fires, floods, failures in the local electric grid and other events that may interrupt access to the hosted information.

In order to meet the growing digital demand, the Vertiv company offers global solutions that facilitate the expansion of the capacity of central data centers, using modular integration techniques, to help its customers, contractors and consultants, to project and build data centers more efficiently, anywhere in the world.

To contribute to reliability in the power distribution of Vertiv data centers, WEG supplied an encapsulated dry-type transformer, with 2.5MVA output power, 24/1.1kV voltage class and equipped with an IP21 degree of protection enclosure box, as a replacement for obsolete equipment at the customer's plant. This supply is very important, since the application of the transformers at the customer’s facility requires quality and consistency in the delivery of energy to feed the data centers, helping Vertiv to provide confidence to all its customers, making the system work without interruptions.

With more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of dry-type transformers, WEG has already supplied the domestic and international market with more than 11,500 units like this, which totalize more than 18,088MVA of power, all with consolidated technology for all applications, with rated power from 112.5 to 20,000 kVA, and voltage classes up to 36.2 kV, always focusing on the specific needs of each customer.