Always at the forefront of efficiency and technology, WEG offers another innovative tool to its Industry 4.0 solution portfolio, the WEG Motor Scan Gateway, which will extend the performance of the WEG Motor Scan sensor.

What is the WEG Motor Scan Gateway?

It is a router that automatically sends information to the cloud via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or 3G/4G, allowing immediate remote monitoring of the electric motor performance.

How does WEG Motor Scan work?

The WEG Motor Scan sensor collects the motor data, sends it to the WEG IoT Platform via a smartphone via Bluetooth® or automatically via the Gateway. All electric motor information is stored in the cloud, allowing remote access to ensure process efficiency. This solution makes a complete diagnosis of motor operation through temperature measurement, vibration analysis, operating time, load, speed, lubrication interval and can operate with alert levels to help on predictive maintenance. Additionally, the WEG Motor Scan sensor has been updated with new features such as vibration, load, rotation, frequency spectrum measurement, and unbalance and misalignment checking.

Industry 4.0 Just Got Even More Efficient 

Among key benefits of using this new technology, is the optimization of electric motors preventive maintenance, since it provides accurate identification of the equipment that may have future failure, allowing a faster and more efficient maintenance process with minimal or no downtime. Based on data collected and sent by the WEG Motor Scan Gateway to the cloud, faster and more assertive decisions can be taken, especially in cases of predictive maintenance, ensuring higher motor efficiency and lifetime, avoiding downtime and production losses. Much more technology and connectivity for an even more efficient Industry 4.0.

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WEG Motor Scan Gateway. The industry 4.0 is now even more efficient.