WEG is proud to have been selected to incorporate the new ECE Cogemacoustic's TXU Smoke Extractor Range product line, designed for the smoke extraction segment.

Particularly in the event of fire, these products, intended to operate mostly on subways and tunnels, are essential to ensure the proper operation on high temperature environments, contributing to the safety of people and preservation of the air quality.

This is the result of a partnership between WEG Portugal and ECE Cogemacoustic, with the intermediation of WEG France, one of WEG group subsidiaries. WEG has already supplied the first motors for testing purposes and certification by an external competent entity. The complete solution (fan + motor) has been successfully tested and approved.

For this new range, WEG delivered an engineered and customized solution through the W22 Smoke Extraction platform. Designed specifically for this market segment, this product line is able to work in the most extreme conditions, managing to guarantee an effective and reliable operation in a temperature up to 400ºC during 2 hours, in accordance with the international standards.

Furthermore, the W22 Smoke Extraction Motor is a versatile product able to attend the most demanding customer's requirements. This line has several optional features such as the possibility of supplying the terminal boxes loose connected to the motor through flying leads, or supplying the motor without a fan / fan cover to make the product even more compact.

This supply meets the customer project requirements for this demanding market segment, which strives a very high degree of security and reliability and, once more, proves WEG’s expertise in supplying customized solutions to major worldwide projects.