On October 19, 20 and 21, 2022, WEG held the second edition of the SIX SIGMA SUMMIT online, an internal event that aims to disseminate the results obtained by WEG's Six Sigma Program in Brazil and abroad, in addition to share knowledge through project presentations, workshops, discussion forums and lectures with experts from partner companies and educational institutions.

According to Vitor Marcon, Quality System and Certifications Department Manager at WEG, “It was 3 days with a lot of information and very positive aspects regarding the Six Sigma culture and the exchange of experiences among all units of the WEG group, in addition to synergy with the company's other programs and methodologies.”

The event was attended by more than 1,400 employees from all WEG business units in Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, China, United States, India, Austria and Germany, with the external participation of the Polytechnic University of São Paulo (Poli- USP) and the companies Bayer, Whirlpool, Santander and Magma.

In addition to sharing knowledge and results, the event helped to keep people engaged in using the methodology with a focus on improving the performance of WEG products and processes, also encouraging benchmarking between WEG units and observance of the applicability of these practices by other companies and institutions.

About WEG's Six Sigma Program:

The Six Sigma Methodology is a set of techniques and tools with the purpose to systematically improve processes and products, acting in compliance and reliability. Its approach is focused on customer satisfaction and the pursuit of Competitiveness, Quality, Sustainability and Technology.

Since 2015, WEG's Six Sigma Program has been active in all the company's business unit (Motors, Energy, Automation, Transformers and Coatings) and operates globally, where it trained around 1,900 employees to apply the Six Sigma methodology in the Master Black, Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt levels, in addition to training more than 800 managers in the Six Sigma Champion modality.

In the same period, more than 1,400 improvement projects were carried out, increasing the quality of products and processes, reducing waste and contributing to the sustainability of the business.

During 2022, 297 projects were implemented in the most diverse areas of the company. This year, WEG also invested in the training of its suppliers, with the Six Sigma for Suppliers program, where employees from 10 companies were trained in the Six Sigma methodology at a Green Belt level, carried out their projects for certification and obtained results that will collaborate to improve the quality, efficiency, productivity and competitiveness generating benefits throughout the chain.