There is no doubt that one of the major water problems facing the world today is the provision of drinking water. Water scarcity was listed in 2019 as one of the biggest global risks in terms of potential impact over the next decades.

Through a team of engineering specialists dedicated in the Water Industry, WEG has always been at the forefront of supplying electrical solutions for the Water Industry worldwide. This time WEG products are chosen as part of the Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant (KMEDP) project in Singapore. In this specific project, WEG’s motors are installed in it.

The KMEDP is an innovative large-scale desalination facility; and is also the world’s first dual-mode desalination plant. Its innovative capability can treat both freshwater and seawater, depending on weather conditions. The plant will produce 137.000 m3/day of clean water, which is enough to fill 45 olympic-size swimming pools and 7 percent of Singapore’s daily water demand.

For this project, WEG Singapore collaborate with Torishima, a pioneer in pumps for seawater desalination, to supply the high efficiency motors for their Reverse Osmosis (RO) system package. 

In desalination systems, from small to large capacities, energy savings is always concern, it’s usual therefore, to consider energy recovery devices (ERD) to achieve best operation conditions and high energy savings. This device combined with the ERD Booster pumps and high-pressure pumps will drive cost savings and emission reductions.

There are two types of pumps used in RO system High Pressure Pump and ERD Booster Pump.  

The WEG’s motors scope of supply from Nantong Factory was:

  • 8 units of W60 2050 kW, 6.6 kV motor, 2 poles, B3 for 1st Pass RO High Pressure pumps
  • 8 units of W21 160 kW, 400 V motor, 2 poles, B3 for ERD booster pumps

Motors for the use in desalination plants are required to operate in harsh climates 24/7, highly durable, with special painting plant against corrosion from seawater and high efficiency to minimize energy consumption.

WEG is very proud to be part of the Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant project, with the supply of special designed products to attend customers’ needs. This project is another WEG step towards Water Industry and Driving Efficiency and Sustainability.