WEG supplied the first mobile substation in the state of Amapá, Brazil, to CEA Equatorial, an electricity trading and distribution company. The acquisition aims to ensure efficiency and reliability in the supply of electricity to the people of Amapá.

WEG's mobile substation provides operational dynamism and time savings, used in preventive or emergency situations offering both easy installation and operation wherever needed. According to CEA Equatorial's CEO, Augusto Dantas, this represents a significant advancement in the electrical sector, and investments are being made intensively to ensure a successful outcome in the work carried out by the utility company since its concession.

Within the mobile substation, high-complexity equipment and devices are allocated, with a constant focus on reliability, as well as optimization of weight and dimensions. This approach complies with traffic regulations, allowing for quick mobility between various locations in an agile and prioritized manner.

The central component of this solution is the power transformer, designed to operate at multiple voltage levels, covering both high and low voltage levels. Specifically, it is a 30 MVA capacity transformer configured for primary voltages of 138 kV and 69 kV, and secondary voltages of 34.5 kV and 13.8 kV. This versatility allows the transformer to perform functions in various substations of the CEA Equatorial power grid, ensuring service to a wide range of substations according to their specific needs.

This supply is an important step to contribute to the quality of electricity supply in the state of Amapá, allowing CEA Equatorial to ensure a more reliable and secure power supply for the local population.