WEG is one of the approved companies and partners in the production of the 50 electric buses acquired by the São Paulo City Hall. The company will be responsible for supplying the Powertrain, composed of motors and inverters for the traction and auxiliary systems, as well as the lithium battery packs for the new vehicles.

With Basic and Standard versions, with capacities of 70 and 93 passengers respectively, the new electric buses will receive the eMillennium bodywork from Caio, the Eletra e-Bus electrification system, and chassis from Mercedes Benz and Scania.

"We are very pleased to be part of this project, which combines innovation, sustainability, decarbonization, and, most importantly, the strengthening of the national production chain. Together with this great team of companies, we are working not only to reduce carbon emissions but also to enhance the technological capacity of our industries and elevate our country to a more competitive level in the electric mobility segment," emphasizes Carlos Bastos Grillo, WEG Digital and Systems Managing Director.

To meet the growing demand in the Brazilian electric mobility market, especially in the bus and truck segments, WEG announced investments of R$ 660 million in 2022 for the construction of a new factory for electric traction motors, as well as an additional R$ 100 million for the construction of a battery pack factory.