At the end of March this year, the new stretch of Tamoios highway, between the cities of Caraguatatuba and São José dos Campos, São Paulo State, was opened. The 21.5 km long route has four tunnels that sum to 12.8 km, one of them the largest in Brazil with more than 5.5 km in length.

The manufacturer FanTR supplied the equipment and ventilation systems for air renewal. The company develops and manufactures axial fans for underground ventilation systems, wind tunnels, industrial air exchangers and cooling systems.

The fan manufacturer, the construction company and Amberg Engineering consulting company from Switzerland developed and validated the entire project in an integrated way. For the validation, an official test of the ventilation system was conducted, simulating a fire inside the longer tunnel, according to international standards.

To be approved for this application, the motors together with the fans must pass destructive tests conducted at a certifying laboratory in France.

The supply included sixteen 30 kW motors for the service tunnel, fifty-four 110 kW motors for the main tunnel and six 110 kW motors for massive smoke extraction in case of fire, totaling seventy-six electric motors, all from the W22 Smoke Extraction line.

Efficiency and safety with the W22 Smoke Extraction

The W22 Smoke Extraction motors were developed to ensure air circulation in closed environments and designed to operate even in adverse conditions, such as in case of fire, in temperature ranges of 200 °C, 300 °C or 400 °C for up to 2 hours. Thus, they guarantee the extraction of smoke from the environment and allow free access to emergency exits for the safe evacuation of the place.

WEG, recognized worldwide for the excellence in the design and manufacture of electric motors, is also synonymous with quality and reliability when it comes to the safety of people and operations.