Industry 4.0 transforms companies, making them smarter, increasing efficiency and enabling significant results, such as greater ability to predict process failures and reduced equipment downtime. Over the years, WEG has been working to offer solutions that are more and more in line with this demanding market.

Attentive to this evolution, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) - Indumak Máquinas, a reference in the bagging machine’s market and the largest manufacturer of vertical packaging machines in Brazil, develops integrated technologies in the packaging, bagging, grouping and product handling processes, and maintain a partnership with WEG to guarantee efficiency and the productivity of the main machines.

To carry out all the operating logic of the bagging and packaging machines, the company integrated WEG products, which include the CFW500 Variable Frequency Drive, the SCA06 Servo Inverter and the newest member of the WEG family of programmable logic controllers, the PLC500. After this integration, the machines receive a few more adjustments, according to the needs of the customer, and are then ready to deliver maximum productivity and efficiency.

The PLC500 is part of WEG's new line of medium-sized programmable controllers. The main differential of this new controller, in addition to the high-performance hardware, is the customer’s application software development platform, all programmed in CODESYS. This platform guarantees the customer greater agility in the development of their automations through optimized tools, which drastically reduces development time, less start-up time and enables intelligent reuse of software on other devices.

Another highlight is the possibility of choosing the type of programming language, with 5 available options: ladder, structured text, instruction list, flowchart and block diagram. All these possibilities make the PLC500 flexible and fully adaptable.

Equipped with powerful hardware, the PLC500 has a Dual Core processor, 4GB of Flash memory and 1GB of RAM, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 5 field protocols (Modbus RTU/TCP, CANopen, Ethernet/IP, Ethercat), as well as IoT protocols such as MQTT, used to upload data to the cloud.

With WEG automation solutions applied to its machines, Indumak guarantees more reliable and high-performance equipment that will increase the productivity of its customers.