What is WEG Data Viewer?

Before arriving at the industries, to ensure the excellence and reliability of each supply, every WEG electric motor undergoes rigorous quality testing according to the main international standards. Continuously investing in innovation and technology, WEG has developed an application to provide customers and users with access to technical documents, such as data sheets, performance curves, technical drawings, nameplates, and results of electrical testing performed on motors, reinforcing the transparency of our processes.

For what platforms is WEG Data Viewer available?

Available for Android and iOS platforms, WEG Data Viewer can be accessed by anyone who wants more information about every motor that leaves WEG factories—manufactured at WEG Motors business unit.

How does WEG Data Viewer work?

By means of a QR code, provided on a label attached to the fan cover, shaft end or the inside of the terminal box, it is possible to obtain, at any time, the motor technical information. In motors without the QR code, it is possible to access the information by entering the serial number available on the nameplate. From WEG to your hands.

Technology that guarantees greater reliability

According to Rodrigo Fumo, Director of Engineering and Technological Innovation at WEG, “WEG Data Viewer was designed to simplify routines, comparative analyses and maintenance, since it provides quick and easy access to key product information. It is an application that all WEG customers can use.”

In future updates, the application will gather other motor technical information, such as operation and installation manual, catalogs and dimension testing reports. Thus, WEG will guarantee the digital supply of its technical documentation.

Recognized for its excellence in energy efficiency for various applications, WEG offers the market numerous high performance solutions to bring more innovation, technology and reliability to industrial processes worldwide.

WEG Data Viewer is a WEG development.

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