Based on the same type of hardware, these three systems communicate to each other through a redundant network. Workstations spread throughout the vessel give real time reports, status and alarms to help the crew to operate the vessel. Tailor made screens help the user to identify problems, allowing for the situation to be solved quickly and providing maintenance with detailed information.

The Power Management function starts and stops each gen-set according to the power demand of the main bus bar, assisting the diesel engines to operate in a range of load that offers an optimum fuel consumption. Another important feature of this system is the blackout prevention: the system takes all necessary actions to avoid shutdown ship situations.

To do so, PMS interacts with all main loads connected to the bus in order to guarantee that the available load
in the bus bar is always sufficient. Alarm monitoring verifies the status of every element connected to the system and gives real time reports to the workstations and the local interfaces installed in strategic places on board the vessel. Printers print out this information for future analysis.

With the cargo system, valves, pumps, tanks and compressors may be operated and monitored in order to give the crew an easier way to load and unload the vessel. WEG’s automation system has many options to integrate with other systems on board, allowing full integration with all its major functions.

Diesel-electric solution

For the new diesel-electric concept for vessels, WEG’s electrical package combines every required element or product for them to operate. For applications like these WEG can offer the generators and the electric motors for the propellers and thruster.

All these rotation machines can be air or water cooled. We have a wide range of products to fit each vessel’s requirement power. Control and protect the gen-sets and the major electric motors, to WEG can supply all switchboards, distribution panels and starters. Water cooled variable speed drives are also available to drive the main propellers and tunnel thrusters electric motors.

Our wide range of products offers various types of starters to many loads spread throughout a ship, from a single fan to a large compressor or pump, WEG is able to offer our soft-starters for marine applications, which start the motors in a very smoothly way avoiding oscillations in the voltage of the main bus bar.

Completing the diesel-electric package, an automation system controls the power management, alarm and cargo area, fully integrated with all equipment supplied by WEG.

The key benefit is that the whole package is built and customized in order to meet customer requirements.
WEG has great flexibility to change the design and some features of its products, allowing them to be easily adapted to each vessel.