WEG proved once again that investing in education is one of the main pillars to become a socially responsible company. The company was recognized by the Brazilian Sales & Marketing Managers Association (ADVB/SC) as one of the 2008's Socially Responsible Companies with the case: "WEG Training Center (CENTROWEG)".

Now in its tenth edition, the award aims at promoting and rewarding social-environmental projects of private and public companies in Santa Catarina, for their social, environmental and cultural actions which contribute and encourage other companies to perform similar projects. The award is evaluated in three categories: Environmental Protection, Social Activities and Cultural Development.

Founded in 1968, CENTROWEG is regarded as a modern professionalization school which was created to support teenagers to get into the job market. Parallel to regular school, their daily classes enable boys and girls between 15 and 18 years to prepare themselves for their professional career by developing technical skills in mechanics, tooling, electronics, electrical engineering and chemistry. The three-year course qualifies about 100 students per year and over 2.2 thousand teenagers have already concluded it, where 1.3 thousand of them remain in the company.