WEG recently completed the first delivery of three W22 280S/M vertical motors with 110 kW and 380V, featuring an IP67S degree of protection. This order was developed for one of the world's largest pump manufacturers, KSB.

This supply is part of the prestigious Mazareatoson Sewage Pumping Station project in Egypt and represents a remarkable achievement in the engineering field. These motors were specially designed to ensure protection against total immersion in water, up to one meter deep, for a maximum period of 30 minutes, providing a safe and reliable solution for challenging environments.

The degree of protection of a product, represented by the IP index, is an international standard established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to classify the protection of electrical products against dust and water ingress. In the case of these motors, the IP67S rating ensures exceptional performance even in more adverse conditions.

The sale and distribution of these motors were facilitated by Index Power Solutions (IPS), WEG's distributor in Egypt, as part of the company's supply chain strategy, where the supply is directly made to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), in this case, KSB.

With this pioneering supply, WEG reinforces its position as an innovative leader in the electric motor industry, bringing innovative solutions to globally renowned customers. The introduction of IP67S motors to the market represents a significant advancement in WEG's commitment to excellence and efficiency in its product line.