WEG, through its commercial branch in the USA, has closed a comprehensive order with a major player in the mining sector in Canada for the supply of two synchronous condensers systems.

These systems will be installed in a gold mine located in the gold belt region in northeastern Ontario, Canada. WEG's synchronous condensers, which enhance stability and availability in electrical grids, will be installed in the mine's substation where 230 kV transmission lines are stepped down to 13.8 kV bus bars that power various electrical loads of the gold mine.

WEG's scope includes the synchronous condensers, specifically designed for the application; auxiliary motor starting systems; the complete capacitor protection, control, and excitation system; and the oil lubrication systems for bearings.

The commercial branch has been supporting clients in North America in synchronous condensers systems since 2015, with a turnkey system already operational in the USA since 2018 and multiple systems currently in operation. With this experience, WEC has developed robust local supply partners that expand local capabilities and add value to integrated project offerings.

Through this supply, we demonstrate our expertise in bringing simplicity to a complex need. By collaborating and building trust in this way, we make WEG the natural choice.