Considered a renewable energy source, practically free of CO₂ emissions, geothermal energy is generated through the heat obtained below the earth's surface. However, it is a little explored source which currently represents, together with renewable sources such as solar and wind, only 2% of the world energy matrix (2019 - IEA, 2021), according to data from the Energy Research Company EPE.

Helping to increasing the use of this source, Ormat Technologies, a leader in the global geothermal sector, once again selected WEG to be part of the Tungsten Mountain 2 project, where a second power generation unit was added to the existing geothermal plant. The WEG turbogenerator features a generation capacity of 30 MVA through a clean energy source, following global guidelines for CO₂ emission reductions.

The Tungsten Mountain plant, located in Churchill County - Nevada, in the United States, was designed to use the energy and life cycle of its reservoir by reinjecting 100% of all geothermal fluids.

Responsible for converting mechanical energy into electricity, the turbogenerators have a wide range of power, designed on WEG experience in the supply and dimensioning of turbogenerators, and can be applied in steam and gas turbines.

WEG counts on technological innovation and energy efficiency applied to renewable energy generation, consolidating the company as an important supplier in the sector.