Intending to raise efficiency and safety for electric motor protection, WEG has recently launched its new MVW3000 MV Frequency Drives. Besides expanding the MV frequency drive family, which already counts on model MVW01, the new drive meets the 13.8 kV electric motor requirements.

In addition to WEG´s reputation as a frequency drive manufacturer and supplier for over thirty years, the new product stands out for its versatility to be applied to any industry segment. Once programming characteristics are similar as those of the LV inverter drive line, the MVW3000 can be used in a wide variety of production processes where both LV and MV drives are suitable to provide speed variation on compressors, pumps, fans, conveyor belts and even mills.

The new product is also suitable to be used in new installations projects or facilities restorations due to the fact that, besides offering speed control for process optimization, it can provide energy savings and lower maintenance costs. 

The MVW3000 was designed to drive standard insulation electric motors, making it the ideal solution for energy efficiency projects once the existing motor does not need to be rewound or replaced. The new product incorporates the multilevel technology of voltage drives applied through Cascaded H-bridge (CHB) topology. This means that the output waveforms generated by the drive allow the application to new or existing synchronous or induction motors without requiring special insulation.

Other advantages incorporated into it is the use of plastic film capacitors, resulting in longer equipment lifetime; an automatic cell bypass, which allows continuous operation, even upon an unexpected failure; the possibility of input column with incorporated switch-disconnector and multipulse phase-shifting transformer, representing a fully integrated solution, i.e. all MV system components are located in a single panel.