As part of the country´s industrial expansion and improvement, this power generating project consists of an expansion of 3 gas-fired power plants in Bolivia, located in the cities of Santa Cruz, Yaguacua and Cochabamba.

The power generated by these three power plants will be used to meet the growing domestic and industrial demand for electricity in the country. 

As a global manufacturer and provider of electro-electronic solutions to the industry, WEG is playing a key role in this investment with the supply of a  large quantity of electric motors through traditional mechanical rotating equipment suppliers. The equipment list includes over 190 high efficiency LV motors which will be driving centrifugal pumps and fans.

The present supply package is truly a global project and a perfect match to a global supplier such as WEG. Our OEM customers are located in multiple countries including Brazil, Spain and Italy and they trusted on WEG due to our first class support throughout the project, the reputation of WEG in the Bolivian market, the overall quality and the company expertise to serve the Power Generation industry requirements.