WEG was one of the companies invited to participate in the “India - Brazil Business Forum”, a business seminar organized by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), in New Delhi, India.

João Paulo Gualberto da Silva, WEG Energy Business Unit Managing Director, presented the investments that the company is making in India Monday, Jan 27.

The presentation took place on the last day of the official visit of Brazil´s President, Mr. Jair Bolsonaro, to the country. About 70 representatives of Brazilian companies and Business Associations joined the Brazilian delegation that traveled on the 22nd to India with the mission of strengthening mutual relations between the two countries.

WEG is starting a project to install a new low voltage electric motor plant in Hosur, India. With investments of approximately US$ 20 million, the factory will have 13,000 square meters (139,931 sq.ft.) of manufacturing facilities and production capacity about 250,000 electric motors per year, in power ratings up to 355kW.

The new factory, scheduled to start operating in 2021, will be built in the same manufacturing site where WEG already has built a medium and high voltage induction motors and synchronous and asynchronous generators, and will employ approximately 320 new people.

WEG started its manufacturing activities in India in 2011, with the establishment of the first factory with 32 thousand square meters(344,445 sq.ft) of manufacturing facilities within an available area of 170 thousand square meters (1,829,880 sq.ft), and it is intended to serve Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania markets. Both factories employ about 800 people in the country.