CEMIG, regarded as one of the main Brazilian Electric Power Utilities, contracted WEG to supply 18 compact integrated substations in voltage range of 138kV and a generating capacity of 15MVA, which are remote controlled by a complete protection and control system. Each equipment consists of a 138-13.8KV power transformer, an SF6 isolated hybrid module, MV lightning arrestors, a SF6 compact three-pole isolated switch isolated in 13.8kV, besides support services on transformer, rectifier and battery banks, as well as consumption measurement panel, all installed on a metallic skid specifically designed for transport and application on the job site. 

The 18 compact substations will be delivered by 2022 and will be installed in different regions served by CEMIG in the state of Minas Gerais. 

These substations will give CEMIG's electrical network improved flexibility and reliability to the company's electrical distribution system, in addition to increasing load capacity, gaining physical space and reducing construction time compared to a conventional installation. 

This supply package proves WEG's technical capacity to meet each customer needs, representing a challenge for the engineering team, which has required dedication and innovation to comply with tough technical demand as well as reliability level for the supplied equipment. In addition, the synergy built between the companies during the progress and construction of the Integrated Compact Substation was essential for the project success.