With the increasing use of renewable energy worldwide, more and more, the governments are launching plans to finance projects that use more efficient products in segments considered renewable.

As part of the RenovAR Program of the Argentine government in renewable energies, WEG supplied a 7.0 MW model 5000 steam turbine with a pressure of 42 kgf / cm² and a model RTS 360 gearbox to the customer Cía. Inversora Industrial SA - Ingenio Leales in the Sugar and Ethanol industry.

The process works by burning the sugarcane bagasse (residue from the extraction of the sugarcane juice), and generates 95 tons of steam per hour that feeds the WEG turbogenerator, and this steam leaves the turbine and feeds the sugar and ethanol production process, supplying thermal energy (heat).

Biomass energy is renewable, ensures energy supply, and helps to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

For the customer, the benefits of adopting a renewable energy process are self-sufficiency in electrical energy for their own industry, more stable and better quality electrical energy, in addition to be able of selling the excess energy to the public service concessionaire, generating another source of income for the mill.

For WEG, this solution solidifies its presence in the Argentine market and its focus on sustainability, providing products that are more efficient and have less impact on the environment.