Energy management and energy efficiency are part of the Industry 4.0. To implement that, it is necessary to acquire data and allow load switching. MMW multimeters and analyzers and PFW Automatic Power Factor Controllers make the measurement of electrical quantities and reactive energy consumed in industrial, commercial and residential processes and the control of loads feasible. With connectivity, integration of measurements and control of electrical quantities, it is possible to optimize processes, speed up troubleshooting and consequently reduce costs of supervised systems. Taking that into consideration, WEG has just released the new generation of MMW03 Multimeters and PFW03 Automatic Power Factor Controllers, as well as their respective accessories. 

For interconnection with power management and control systems, both have an RS485 port with Modbus-RTU communication protocol and configurable digital inputs and outputs. A differential in MMW03 is the availability for electric energy analysis. Such analysis can be done using the records or by quickly viewing voltage, current, power, demand, electric energy and harmonics up to the 51st order plus screens with harmonics bar graph, phasor diagram and waveform.

The PFW03 is an automation device for constant monitoring of the installation reactive power and power factor controlling. The PFW performs this control by connecting and disconnecting the capacitor steps. Therefore, the Automatic Power Factor Controller enables the power distribution system to operate at maximum efficiency by reducing the reactive power.

Main characteristics of these products include:

MMW 03

MMW03 Multimeters

  • Measurement and memory recording of electrical quantities;

  • Digital inputs and outputs that provide greater integration of the field signals with the measurements performed;

  • Measurement of voltage and current harmonics up to 51st order with display of the waveform and bar graph of each harmonic;

  • Isolated RS485 port with Modbus-RTU protocol;

  • CE certification. 

PFW 03

PFW03 Automatic Power Factor Controllers

  • 8 to 24 steps, single-phase and three-phase;

  • Automatic reading and recording by power step and type of reactive power (capacitive or inductive);

  • Smart monitoring system (DCM), which identifies the availability of the capacitor power enabling the quick identification of maintenance, in addition to accurately correcting the power factor;

  • Measurement of voltage and current harmonics up to the 51st order, displaying in a bar graph the value of each harmonic;

  • Isolated RS485 port with Modbus-RTU protocol;

  • CE certification.