Aiming at optimizing production processes, ensuring continuous operational excellence and increasing competitiveness, WEG has been investing for about seven years in employees training following the Six Sigma methodology.

The Six Sigma program is globally recognized for its continuous improvement process, contributions to the identification of problems and opportunities, as well as helping to solve obstacles through projects. In-house training courses are offered at the WEG Operations locations in Brazil, China, Mexico, Portugal, Argentina and in the USA, both in technical and administration areas, where over 1870 employees have received certifications from all hierarchical levels.

Employees are trained through levels of in-depth methodology, the so-called “Belts,” and are encouraged to develop projects and present the results with corresponding gains. Altogether more than 2400 projects have been implemented with proven improvements.

In addition to improving the knowledge of employees who attend the trainings, this program allows them to develop a more strategic and analytical vision, contributes to the improvement of products and processes at the quality level, show significant reductions in the company's operating expenses, as well as implement new innovations.

This March, after a period of training and delivery of certification projects, two new groups received certificates in the Black Belt and Master Black Belt levels. As a corporate policy, WEG encourage this training program because it contributes to better organizational performance and professional qualification of its employees all over the world.