Medium voltage slip ring motors with brush lifting system

The main shareholders for Bolivian cement company Itacamba are Votorantim Cimentos SA and Mollins SA. WEG’s extensive experience as well as a solid reputation with Votorantim Cimentos SA made us a quality choice as a supplier for this project.

Being selected as a supplier for this prestigious project is a testimony of WEG’s commitment and expertise in the supply of its electric motors for such a large plant.

Providing a single supplier solution for the customer allows for quality and efficiency from the initial step of the project to the start-up in the factory.

The WEG package includes W22 IP66 (High Performance) low voltage motors and medium voltage slip ring motors with a brush lifting system for continuous operation and suitable for operation in aggressive environments.

Drive mills, crushers and fans are the applications where these electric motors will operate in the cement plant.

WEG motors with the brush lifting system have often been supplied to several of the cement plants operated by Votorantim Cimentos. This type of motor presents low maintenance cost and low brush wear.

WEG’s state-of-the-art and highly efficient electric motors contribute to energy savings and low average time between failures (MTBF).

For continued success of the plant operation, maintenance of the electrical equipment is very important. In addition to offering state-of-the-art equipment, customer support and after sales are paramount for the customer. In addition to WEG’s close proximity to the cement company, we also have distribution and service support in Bolivia. For the customer, prompt support and maintenance, when required, are key factors to keep the plant in continuous operation.

WEG also made an interchangeability study about the plant applications intending to reduce the number of replacement motors, resulting in using only one spare motor for various applications in the plant.

"We at Votorantim Cimentos establish long-term relationships with our suppliers. Together, we think and can develop projects that provide the best resources for our plants offering professional excellence. WEG electric motors are a good example of this approach. Our solutions and relationships are important legacies in our projects, "says Vitor Kazuo Shin-Ike - Electrical Engineer of Votorantim Cimentos.

About Itacamba:

"Itacamba is located in Yacuses, in the German Busch province of Bolivia and is an integral industry comprising all productive and commercial chain processes and allows to cover the national demand of cement. The cement project began in 2010, when there was a very large gap between supply and demand. Before Itacamba, Bolivia used to import approximately 400 thousand tons of cement from other countries. After Itacamba, the country will be self-sufficient in cement supply."

Source: El Deber Newspaper - Itacamba Special Edition - Date: 02/19/2017. Interviewee Alexander Capela - General Manager Itacamba