WEG has just announced that the company is one of Marcopolo's partners for the development of Attivi, which is the first electric bus manufactured with its own chassis. 

In operation since October in the city of São Paulo, on an experimental basis, this is a 13.25 meters long standard bus with capacity for 89 passengers (sitting and standing) and autonomy of about 250 kilometers. Marcopolo Attivi is equipped with a WEG Powertrain consisting of a 395 kW and 2800 Nm of torque three-phase motor and a frequency drive. In line with environmental protection principles, the plan is to adapt this vehicle to the demands for urban and intercity transports. 

Developed in Brazil, with national and imported technology, Attivi is a milestone for global electric mobility, according to Manfred Peter Johann, WEG Automation Business Unit Director. “We are leading the national electric mobility market with predominantly Brazilian technology, tested, approved and continually updated. Together with Marcopolo and other important electrification chain suppliers, we are able to build a strategic niche, with strong industrial technology, capable of meeting national demand and selling all over the world”, says Manfred. In addition to bringing together all the expertise that WEG and Marcopolo have in the production of mobility solutions, Attivi ensures zero CO2 emission, meeting global safety standards. 

“There is a favorable market background in Brazil for the development of electric-powered transport, with energy providers willing to invest in the system. In addition to the environmental benefit, electric mobility has a lower operating cost compared to diesel and its adoption tends to be decisive for a sustainable future”, says James Bellini, CEO of Marcopolo. 

The new model is already being tested and will be exhibited during the 18th National Science and Technology Week, which will take place in Brasília from December 3rd to 10th.

About Marcopolo

Founded 72 years ago in the city of Caxias, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Marcopolo is the leader in the manufacture of bus bodies in Brazil and ranks among the largest manufacturers in the world.

The company continually invests in product innovation, technology, design and expansion, producing solutions that contribute to the development of public transport for passengers and the future of mobility.

With factories located on five continents, the vehicles produced by the company has established a global presence in over 100 countries.