WEG participated in the modernization of a port’s overhead crane drive system in the Netherlands.  The project involved dismantling an old crane, adjusting its track width and beam length and turning its cat around.  A new hoisting solution was installed replacing DC motors with VFD driven alternating current (AC) motors.  In addition, an energy recovery system was developed to convert gravity and braking into electricity to reduce energy costs. The supply was made in partnership with the company Nedcranes, who specialize in inspections and repairs to complete overhauls including maintenance of port cranes.

Understanding the need to determine indicators such as speeds, transmission ratios, pole pairs, magnetization currents and required braking power, Nedcranes invited WEG to be the main supplier. To retrofit this project, it was necessary to use WEG AC motors which have the advantage of already coming with a gearbox, as well as other accessories.

According to the WEG team, this type of project is always customized and all steps must be properly coordinated. After identifying loads, speeds and weather conditions such as wind and rain, WEG selected the most suitable motors from its portfolio. In total, 4 x 30 kW motors for crane movement, 2 x 22 kW trolley motors, a 7.5 kW motor for the lifting device and a 170 kW motor for the winch were provided. All motors, except for the winch motor, are equipped with gearboxes and mechanical brakes, this last one being a standard safety requirement in the world of cranes.

WEG’s solution brings additional benefits to the project, all motors are W22 IE3 Premium Efficiency and the whole set is low noise, which is another important consideration, since the Railport Brabant rail terminal is located near a residential area. Van Beijnen, senior project manager at Nedcranes, adds: “In the crane market, you must find balance, not only in terms of severity, energy, technology and costs, but also in terms of partners with whom you perform this type of large-scale projects. Fortunately, we found that in WEG solutions. "