The buildboard is the customer's first point of contact in any business and, at the same time, it is the area that is mostly exposed to various external weather conditions such as sun and rain. So, investing in a harmonious structure with resistant coating makes major difference. It was with this in mind that the metal sector company Steel Artefacto chose WEG paint to color and protect its metallic structures delivered to customers. 

Steel Artefacto builds metallic structures including slatted buildboards, metallic coatings, laser-cut panels and walls, always focusing on innovative, high-tech and long-lasting solutions. The solution for all these deliverables was accomplished with the selection of the WEG powder paint POLITHERM ARCHITECH 46 WF. 

Specially developed to provide aluminum profiles with a touch of style and sophistication, the Politherm Architech paint brings together what is most innovative in terms of architecture and design, in addition to providing full protection for metallic structures. 

By choosing POLITHERM ARCHITECH 46 WF paint, Steel Artefacto ensures greater anti-corrosive protection to its customers projects, with high resistance to weathering proven over the years, giving this material an expected minimum durability of eight years, in addition to offering an excellent finishing design.