Mining is one of the fastest growing sectors in Brazil and with this growth also arises the need to expand production plants. It was for this purpose that FLSmidth, a provider of technology and services to the global mining and cement industries, supplied new ball mills to one of the largest mining plants in Brazil, and to ensure the efficiency and reliability of these equipments, it relied on WEG's expertise to manufacture motors.

Responsible for driving the plant's ball mills, these WEG motors have a wound rotor and a control system for automatic brush lifting. These features allow to start loads with high starting torques and high inertia. The automatic brush lifting system allows rotor short-circuit after starting, considerably reducing brush wear and, consequently, the need for maintenance. In addition, these motors stand out for the flexibility of their electrical and mechanical design, and can be applied in different types of mills.

In total, six MAW motors, 800 frame, 6,500 kW, 13,800 V were applied, five will be in operation and one motor is spare for eventual needs to be replaced for maintenance, reducing equipment downtime.

The consolidated partnership between WEG and FLSmidth has already ensured the delivery of several cutting-edge solutions to end users, and demonstrates the OEM’s confidence in the company's products. WEG also offers technical assistance with a trained and experienced team, prepared to offer the required support on most diverse situations in the field and remote support, using the latest equipment, bringing reliability to the results.